01. He [seized] my arm when we were walking in the park.
02. He [seized] the gun from the burglar.
03. Police reported the largest ever [seizure] of cocaine at the port in Seattle today.
04. The old man [seized] the child by the arm, and dragged him into the hall.
05. The raccoon [seized] the cookie in its paws, and then ran off.
06. The army has failed in its attempts to [seize] power from the President.
07. Police have [seized] a car allegedly used in the kidnap attempt.
08. Tacoma police have made the largest [seizure] of marijuana in the force's history.
09. If you get caught trying to smuggle goods from Mexico into the U.S., customs officers may [seize] your car until you pay the fine.
10. Fisheries officers have [seized] over 500 pounds of salmon which were caught illegally.
11. Sun Tzu once said, "Opportunities multiply as they are [seized]."
12. Former President Harry Truman once said that progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders [seize] the opportunity to change things for the better.
13. In most American states, a wedding ring cannot be [seized] by creditors, no matter how much the bankrupt person owes.
14. Argentine troops [seized] control of the British-held Falkland Islands on April 2, 1982.
15. In 1066, armies from Normandy [seized] England, and ruled that nation for 300 years.
16. Iraq is ruled by the Baath Party, which [seized] control in a military coup in 1968.
17. Police have been given the power to [seize] vehicles in an effort to stop car races on public streets.
18. A German proverb notes that it is little honor to the lion to [seize] a mouse.
19. In 1947, the communists [seized] power in Romania and Hungary.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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